Whether we know it or not, we are natural-born explorers. There are many reasons why
we explore. From birth we learn about life and how it works by exploring. No one can
be satisfied for very long without exploring. Whether you are talking to someone next to
you or looking around the room, you are exploring.

  1. You and your partners will construct the EXPLORE poster on the wall.
  2. Each team has a paragraph indicating one of the seven different reasons why
    humans explore.
  3. At the beginning of the paragraph, there is a letter designated for your team. You
    will use this letter to start a sentence that summarizes your team’s reason for
  4. Think of a sentence that describes the ideas from your paragraph. It has to begin
    with the letter listed on the top of your paragraph. Write the sentence on a piece
    of paper.
  5. Make an illustration to go with your sentence and add it to the paper.
  6. Place your team’s paper on the class poster and discuss your choices.